Key personnel/management

Dan Duggan, Sr. – Vice President, Product Development
If we included Dan Sr.’s full professional biography on this page, including a complete list of his accomplishments in the area of seismic bracing, there wouldn’t be any room for the rest of us. So you’ll have to click here for Dan’s full bio.

Dan Duggan, Jr. – VP Engineering / Business Development
Dan Jr. has spent the last 15+ years providing seismic bracing products and engineering services as the owner of Seismic Design Group, a master distributor of Loos & Co. cable bracing products. Dan brings a wealth in industry knowledge to VST.

Robert Schwietz – Vice President, Sales
Rob has had a 30+ year career in executive management roles in the telecommunications industry, with a proven track record of building businesses. He is tasked with keeping everyone in line and growing VST.

Patrick Duggan – General Manager
Pat brings 15+ years of sales and marketing experience to the company, including within the construction industry. He will work closely with his brother, Dan Jr., in heading up our U.S. sales efforts

George Snyder – Director of Marketing
For 20+ years, George has been president of Direct Impact, a business-to-business marketing firm specializing in construction-related products. George will handle VST’s advertising, marketing and public relations.

Jeffrey Debus – CEO of PD Innovative, LLC
Jeff has spent his entire career in manufacturing and currently serves at CEO of PD Innovative, parent company of VST. Jeff will play a critical role as we develop and manufacture new products to serve the industry.

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