Code References to ASCE 19

“Updated Standard for Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings” ASCE/SEI 19-16

The newly updated ASCE/SEI 19-16 is the only IBC, ASCE/SEI 7 and NFPA 13 referenced steel cable Standard for satisfying design requirements for structural applications.  The updated Standard is now available in the ASCE bookstore (URL: Did you know that “U” Shaped Clips and Wedge Type Fittings have been prohibited by ASCE/SEI 19-10, because they damage the cable and/or loosen over time? The new ASCE/SEI 19 contains an Appendix “E” that specifically addresses the small diameter steel cables the are used for Seismic Sway Bracing of non-structural building components and it includes these fitting requirements among others.

Follow this link IBC-ASCE/SEI 7-NFPA 13 cable requirements to see the IBC, ASCE/SEI 7 and NFPA 13 references to ASCE/SEI 19 for steel cables that are used to satisfy their design requirements.


ASCE 19 ref

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