Cable vs. Rigid Bracing

VST cable/sway bracing offers significant advantages over rigid bracing using pipe or strut. With VST products, contractors can go up on a ladder or lift with everything they need for a brace location in their pocket. So there's no need to deal with heavy, bulky pipe or strut — which is also difficult to cut and costly to ship. Take a look at these important differences:

VST Cable Bracing System

Lightweight, easy to carry

Low cost-per-foot

Significant shipping cost savings

Saves energy in shipping – a “green” choice

Easy to cut with one hand

Can be cut anywhere, even on ladder/lift

Can be used at any length

Simple, fast installation

Low-cost mounting hardware (URCs/NPCs)

Large cable sizes stronger than pipe/strut

2 URCs needed at trapeze

Pipe/Strut Bracing

Heavy, bulky, hard to handle

High cost-per-foot

Expensive to ship

A huge carbon footprint

Needs a machine to cut

Needs to be cut at floor cutter location

Limited in length

Difficult installation

Expensive mounting brackets

Limited in strength

4 brackets needed at trapeze

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