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While VST was formed in 2014, the roots of the company can actually be traced back to 1993. That’s when Dan Duggan, Sr., a designer of fire sprinkler systems, developed the original Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing system for non-structural building components. Dan, along with his partner Mike Werner, licensed the manufacturing and marketing rights of the system (including Dan’s multiple patents) to Loos & Co., which, with Dan’s support, sold the system for more than 20 years.

In 1999, Dan’s son, Dan Duggan, Jr., founded Seismic Design Group, a master distributor of Loos & Co. seismic products and provider of a full range of seismic engineering services. Seismic Design Group provided seismic design services and supplied bracing products for thousands of construction projects throughout the United States and around the world.

While both had their own success – Dan, Sr. in St. Louis continuing to design fire sprinkler systems and Dan, Jr. in California selling the products his father invented – for years, they both wanted something more. So, along with their son/brother Patrick, who had extensive sales experience, they set out to find a better way. The result was VST.

In mid-2015, VST was granted an exclusive license by Duggan-Werner, Inc. to manufacture and market the Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing product line previously sold by Loos & Co. Today in 2018, Vibration & Seismic Technologies (VST) products Vibration & Seismic Technologies (VST) products are now owned and sold by nVent, a global manufacturer of equipment protection as well as fixing, fastening, support and bracing products.

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